7 Colognes for Girls Who Don't like Perfume ...

Do you prefer cologne for girls to perfume?

I sure do.

For the most part, most perfume fragrances give me awful headaches and they simply don't mesh with my #body chemistry.

So, for years, I've just been picking out my favorite colognes.

Yes, they're technically male scents, but to my way of thinking, if a girl wears a particular cologne, then guess what?

It becomes a cologne for girls!

Mind, you might prefer perfume and my preferences might not be the same as yours, but take a look below, because you might just agree with my top cologne picks for the ladies.

1. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Versace Man Eau Fraiche

If you're looking for a fantastic cologne for girls, Versace has several wonderful options.

Eau Fraiche is my favorite, however, thanks to its subtle sex appeal.

It's almost like a perfume, but not quite.

While you'll catch the fragrances of rosewood, musk, and amber, they're balanced by the masculine scents of lemon, cedar, and sycamore.

It's incredibly evocative and very smooth.