7 New Exciting Perfumes for Fall 2012 ...


There are so many new perfumes for Fall 2012, it might be difficult to choose just oneโ€ฆ or even just three!

If youโ€™re dreading spending countless hours sniffing your way through the long lines of new fragrances for Fall, I can help.

Iโ€™ve tested dozens of them, and picked out my must-haves.

Here are 7 new, exciting perfumes for Fall.

Does your favorite make the list?

Letโ€™s find out.

1. Philosophy Living Grace

Philosophy Living Grace

This is a new perfume for Fall 2012, but the โ€œGraceโ€ line itself has been one of my favorites for years.

This rendition is less sweet and flowery, with more musky undertones.

Itโ€™s warm and clean, and according to Philosophy, will help you enjoy living in the moment.

Betsy Johnson Too Too Pretty
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