8 Steps to Making Your Own Perfume ...


Learning all of the steps for making your own perfume can be challenging! While this is not a recipe list for making your own perfume, these are steps you'll have to watch out for when you are learning to make your own perfume. After all, you don't want to forget anything when you do finally have the recipes, right? Using too much of one scent but not enough of another can completely screw up one batch of perfume that you've spent forever making!

1. Choose the Right Oil

The very first step that you're going to want to take when you are first making your own perfume is choosing the right oil. You can use jojoba oil, almond oil and even coconut oil if you want. You'll need to pick whichever oil you want to use to decide which one creates the perfect scent base for the perfume that you want!

Choose the Right Essential Oils