7 Tips for Choosing a Body Mist ...


I can’t wear perfume because it gives me a major headache, so I use a body mist instead because I can still get a good scent without being miserable. The great news is that a yummy smelling body mist is a lot less expensive than perfume and you can find them at drugstores all over the place. With scents that range from fruity to floral, these tips should help you find the body mist that works best for you.

1. Try Them

Everyone has their own unique body chemistry, which means that body mist might smell different on different people. So, don’t just assume that something that something that smells great on your friend is going to work for you. Most stores allow you to sample the scents before you buy, so you can find one that makes you smell heavenly.

Decide on Your Desired Scent