7 Tips on How to Make Perfume Last Longer in Winter ...


Make the most of your fragrance by taking note of some handy tips on how to make perfume last in winter. Just like reassessing your wardrobe or adjusting your beauty routine, it’s worthwhile to think about your perfume in as each season progresses. Your favourite summer perfume might not always translate well come winter as the colder weather has been known to dull the effect of perfume. Want to know how to make your perfume last? Then take a look at these tips on how to make perfume last longer in winter.

1. Seasonal Scents

One of the first tips on how to make perfume last longer in winter is to switch perfumes entirely. Just like switching up your wardrobe at each change of season, think about switching up your perfume. Summer is usually the time for light, fresh fragrances. In winter you want something more robust. Try choosing perfumes from the same fragrance family and roster them throughout the seasons, making sure you use the more robust perfumes in winter.