4. Fruity Scents

Who you are: You’re a classic fruity scent girl, the life of the party, no matter what kind of party or scenario it may be! Your adventurous spirit always seems to put you at the centre of attention, and your carefree nature means that you are definitely one of those friends that people feel can take you on a journey and get you in all sorts of trouble before the evening is out!

What’s great about fruity girls, though, it that they are just as much fun out on the town as they are chilling on the couch with pizza watching Netflix. No matter the occasion, you bring the fun.

Your imagination: The fruity scents you like to wear are associated with a vivid and fun imagination. You are always the first to come up with a wild plan or idea that other people would never have even dreamed of!

What you wear: Bo-ho chic is defintely the phrase that comes to mind, things like maxi dresses and wrap skirts to highlight your fun loving personality. But let’s be honest, you’re the lucky kind of girl who looks great in anything!

Your dating style: When it comes to dating, you can be a total tease, but this stems from the fact that you can be completely intoxicating to members of the opposite sex! Your fruit scents lead to a feeling of ripeness that drive guys wild!

Some of the best fruity scents are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, English Pear And Freesia by Jo Malone and Miss Dior by Dior.

My favourite fruity fragrance is BONBON by Viktor & Rolf, boasting delicious notes of mandarin and orange blossom with a hint of caramel.

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