5. Classic Scents

Who you are: Women who opt for classic scents are the kind of women who know what they like and don’t see the point in exploring other options, and that’s totally fine! You’re an independent woman who knows that you’ve already found your forever fragrance, and by the amount of compliments you receive because of it, we can’t help but agree! You also enjoy the finer things in life, loving nothing more than a night at a sophisticated resturaunt followed by a few drinks in an upscale cocktail bar.

What you wear: You’re one of the most put together women that you know; there is nothing fake about your ensembles, dripping in labels and quality to the max! You can spot a faux item a mile away, it’s almost a god-given talent!

Your imagination: You enjoy the mysterious side of life, and often find yourself daydreaming about many of its complexities. That’s not to say however, that you don’t fix your mind on a goal and achieve it, because that’s also a speciality.

Your dating style: When it comes to men, you don’t feel the need to go out hunting. You know that any man worthy of your affections will find his way to you without you having to make the first move!

Some of the best classics are Stella by Stella McCartney, Roses De Chloe by Chloe and Florence by Tocca.

My pick of the classics is Romance by Ralph Lauren, a wonderulf fragrance that feels timless with notes of rose, ginger, white violet, day lily and musk.

$74 at sephora.com