8 Fresh Summer Fragrances ...

As the warmth of the sun increases we start shedding our protective layers trying to capture that freshness and enjoy in it for as long as we can. The winter clothes and shoes go first and then, our favorite scents become too heavy too, forcing us to switch to light, fresh summer fragrances that won’t be drowning our senses but wake them up instead. It’s those fresh summer fragrances I’ll discuss today, listing some of my favorites as well as the ones worth taking into consideration.

1. Clinique – Happy

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Price: $32.00-$55.00 at sephora.com
This is my favorite, my champion, my first choice and the one I think about first every time the topic of fresh summer fragrances is brought to the table. Yup, I know, using this perfume is like getting a stunt double to do all the dangerous scenes for you – safe! But I love it and I’m not afraid to say I hate giving up on my favorites every time a new scent is introduced to the public.

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