7 Awesome Perfumes for Teenagers ...

There are tons of perfumes for teenagers out there, but I've noticed, a lot of them don't smell all that great – or they are too light and don't last all day. If you really want to know what perfumes for teenagers smell wonderful, will last all day and can work with anyone's body chemistry, take a look at my list! I've got all of the top amazing perfumes for teens that are easy to buy and easy to throw into any school bag!

1. D&G - Light Blue Perfume

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The very first perfumes for teenagers that I am going to talk about is, of course, D&G's amazing Light Blue perfume. It's so light, so airy and has notes from Granny Smith apples, jasmine and bamboo. It's an amazing scent that so many people will compliment you on but isn't overwhelming at all!

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