7 Awesome Perfumes with Cool Bottles That Will Fascinate You ...

While the scent of perfume is super important, finding perfumes with cool bottles is also important! After all, typically your perfume is going to sit out on your vanity or in your bathroom. Don't you want to find perfumes with cool bottles that still smell amazing? Well, I've got all of the top perfumes with amazing bottles that still have quite a beautiful scent to them! No matter what bottle you choose, showcasing it is easy with the 7 perfumes below!

1. Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

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One of the very first perfumes with cool bottles we're going to explore is all about Jean Paul Gaultier! This perfume smells oriental in the notes and it's oh-so-beautiful bottle will look perfect anywhere in your house! It's a flirty scent that is filled with spicy amber, vanilla, wood, rum essence, orchid and sandalwood! Give it a try! How cool is the bottle and how awesome does the scent sound?

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