7 Beautiful & Sensual Perfumes for Women ...

If you've been dying to find the right perfumes for women that are not only sensual, but are also beautiful scents, I've got 'em! I've compiled all of the top perfumes for women that are subtle, that are sensual, that unfold right on your skin, and made a list below! Take a look and see if any of your favorite perfumes are on there!

1. Obsession by Calvin Klein

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If you love CK – you'll love Obsession! This is one of my favorite perfumes for women that has a fresh and new scent – even though it came out in 1985! This scent is packed with vanilla, orange blossom, coriander, tagette, amber and oak moss. It's a beautiful scent that is perfect for any age at all! This is also one of my mom's favorites, so it brings her back to me!

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