8 Brand New Perfumes ...

Popular names already have a bunch of brand new perfumes just waiting to help us smell gorgeous this summer. Celebrities have decided to pitch in too so you’ll have a chance to choose between sexy Purr by Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston’s dreamy, floral signature scent. But summer fragrances are not the only ones to look forward as more gorgeous, breathtaking, liquid magic is on the way! But let’s focus on 8 brand new perfumes available right now:

1. Esprit D'Oscar by Oscar De La Renta

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Price: $78.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Re-inventing a perfume is always hard because you can count on some negative comments too. I, personally, have no idea what the original perfume smelled like so I was quite happy with this supposedly improved re-issue. It’s one of those floral-woody scents, at least that’s what it smelled like on my skin, and we all know these can be very tricky. So, no impulse buys, my ladies, try it on first, let it sit for a while and buy it only if you like both top and bottom notes.

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