7 Different Perfume Notes That Last Longer than You'd Expect ...

There are tons of different perfume notes that last longer, but if you aren't a perfume expert, how would you ever know? Have you ever taken a deep down dive into Chanel #5 to figure out why it lasts so long? Well, it's because of all of the musk they place into it! So girls, are you ready to see what perfume notes that last longer are out there and which ones you should look out for? Take a look!

1. Patchouli

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Ah, of course, one of the top perfume notes that last longer is patchouli! Any perfume that you see that has patchouli tucked inside of it, you should know that it is going to last a really, really long time! So, what does patchouli smell like? Well, it's slightly sweet, earthy and smells moist. It's a refreshing scent that you will pick up on immediately!

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