7 Dior Perfumes to Fall in Love with ...


Dior Perfumes are some of the best perfumes in the world aren't they? Ladies, when you are looking for just the right scent for the office or even for date night, what brand do you typically go for? Well, I head on over to my Dior perfume collection! There truly is a Dior perfume for every taste and below, I've got the top 7 perfumes for you to fall in love with!

1. Dior J'adore

Dior J'adore

Price: $98.00 at amazon.com

This is one of those Dior perfumes that I absolutely love! It has a combination floral and white rose smell. It's so light that it's ideal for the office and it totally won't overpower any other scent! Just one spritz will leave you smelling incredible all day!

Midnight Poison
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