7 Fragrances That Are Great Candidates for Your First Perfume ...

When you are looking for your first perfume, it can be hard to find a perfume that you like, that you want to try and that would be a great idea to purchase! One of my first perfumes was actually Cool Water and while that was great for the 90s, what about nowadays? Your first perfume is an important step into womanhood and to finding your signature scent! So girls, you ready to dive in and figure out which perfumes are great to try out if you're looking for your first perfume?

1. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

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By far, one of the best perfumes to try for your first perfume is Wonderstruck. I know what you are thinking. It's a celebrity perfume, how could it possibly be good – but this one is different! It's packed with scents of raspberry, dewberry, freesia and even some green tea notes and some apple blossom. It's a sparkling scent, a blushing scent and a scent that will leave you enchanted.

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