8 French Women Perfumes to Try ...

The French really know their perfume don't they? So, which sweet smelling French perfume should you be trying this season? Why not pick one from Hirva's list. Thanks Hirva!

French perfumes rule the fragrance world. France is the home of many worlds’ best perfume brands. Β«ParfumΒ» was first manufactured in France some 300 years ago. French perfumes come in exotic and amazingly crafted bottles which make women go crazy over them. There are lots of French perfumes to die for but today I bring before you 8 among them that both smell and look great.

1. Dior Addict 2

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This perfume comes from the famous designer house of Christian Dior. It was introduced in 2005. Dior Addict 2 a cocktail of flowers and fruits is truly addictive. It smells of a fresh and stimulating blend of verbena, freesia, lily of the valley, lotus, rose, and tangy fruits. The bottle has a sensual look and its fragrance lasts for several hours!

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