7 Fun Perfumes to Try in the New Year ...

Now that weโ€™re into the new year, why not update your fragrance collection with one of these fun perfumes to try? Thereโ€™s nothing like wearing a new fragrance to help you feel fresh and give you a boost of confidence during the day! If youโ€™re looking for some new perfumes to try, check out some of these fun and flirty perfumes to spice up your life!

1. Marc Jacobs Dot

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One of perfumes to try this year is Marc Jacobsโ€™ Dot! I fell in love with Daisy, so I knew his other fragrances would be just as amazing! Dot can be described as energizing, fun and super feminine. There are notes of vanilla, musk and berries and the bottle is just too cute! This perfume would be great to wear to work or school or on a first date!

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