7 Gorgeous Feminine Fragrances That Won't Break Your January Budget ...

Perfume can be expensive, and some of the most beautiful feminine fragrances can end up costing a fortune - many of us receive fragrance gift sets for Christmas or birthdays as a way to afford the latest scents! If you're looking for some beautiful feminine fragrances that won't cost the earth, here are 7 of the best options.

1. Kate Moss by Kate Moss

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I bought this perfume recently as it was on special offer; I think it cost me £10 (about $16) for a 50ml bottle. To me, it smells almost exactly like Nina by Nina Ricci - the gorgeous fragrance which comes in an apple shaped bottle. As Nina has always been one of my favorite feminine fragrances, I snapped up this bargainous perfume and have been using it ever since; I think I'll buy a new bottle when this one is finished! The fragrance is described as having two sides, much like Kate Moss herself - it's a 'complicated floral' with smoky rose and black undertones, and it's absolutely gorgeous!

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