9 Sublime Fragrances for Father's Day He'll Fall in Love with ...

Father's Day is going to be here before you know it, and it's time to start thinking of presents. I don't know about yours, but my dad is so hard to buy for – not just on Dad's Day, but on every holiday where presents are given. I never know what to get him for his birthday or Christmas either; lately, it's just been a succession of Game Stop gift cards, but my mom said she'd disown me if I gave him the wherewithal to get any more video games, 'cause, to wit, “he's got stuff to do.” I know cologne is a little played out, but sometimes it's the perfect gift – especially if you don't get it for your dad every holiday. So take a peek at some great fragrances for Father's Day, and see if anything catches your eye!

1. Code by Giorgio Armani

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Price: $66 at sephora.com
You can't go wrong with Armani, who provides not just one great fragrance for Father's Day, but two! The first is Armani Code, which is considered rather sensual, especially for a cologne. It's citric as well, with pervasive scents of lemon and orange tree, so it won't be too much like a perfume. This one is also a great choice for wives to give husbands!

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