4. Lavender Vanilla Perfume

Lavender Vanilla Perfume

The soft, relaxing scent of lavender and the sweet, smooth smell of vanilla makes this perfume smell so good. It will have you relaxed, calm, and happy when you put it on. It smells so good, but there is a slight drawback. The time is quite lengthy to get the strongest scent – about four to six weeks. You don’t have to let it sit this long, but if you want the strongest-smelling perfume you can get (like store-bought) you are going to have to be patient. It is worth it though, I must say.


½ cup vodka

2T vegetable glycerin

1 cup dried lavender flowers

2 whole vanilla beans

15 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops vanilla extract


Slice open the vanilla beans with a sharp knife. Place the beans and lavender flowers in a large mason jar. Pour the vodka into the jar and secure the lid. Let the mixture infuse for seven days.

Strain and discard vanilla beans and lavender flowers. Add the glycerin, lavender essential oil, and vanilla extract to the reserved liquid and stir. Replace the lid and allow to age for four to six weeks.

Strain the perfume once more through a paper filter and transfer to decorative spray bottle.

Homemade Eau De Perfume – Midnight Garden
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