The Right 👌🏼 Ways to Wear Your Perfume 🌸 to Smell Great All Day ☀️🌜 ...

Some of us wear perfume every single day, and we never realize that we're wearing it wrong. That's why Her Campus has some important information that you should read. Here are a few tips on wearing perfume the right way, so that the scent lasts longer on your skin:

1. Don't Rub Your Wrists Together

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Pat your wrists together instead, so that you don't damage the scent.

2. Apply It before You Get Changed

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Don't spray it on your clothes. Spray it on your body and throat to make the scent last.

3. Use It Sparingly

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After all, you don't want someone from across the room to start coughing when you enter.

4. Don't Buy It Right Away

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Spray samples on your body, but then wait 20 minutes to see how the scent smells after it has diffused on your body.

5. Buy Multiple Brands

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You don't want to wear the same perfume every single day. Buy different ones to match your different moods.

Now you know the right way to wear perfume! Do you have any more tips to share?

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