Iconic Perfumes of the '90s That Are Still Scentsational Today👃🌹 ...

The '90s was really a great time for perfume. The movement toward designer fragrances took off in the extravagant '80s, but it was in the following decade that we really started to see the establishment of iconic scents. Some of the classic 90's perfumes that are still fabulous today. Let’s see how many you remember…

1. Obsession

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Obsession by Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of the most iconic scents of the '90s. Certainly, not one for the more subtle perfume lover, Obsession’s silky amber, and oriental notes was a seriously big hitter back in the day. What made it so great was that it was one of the first major unisex perfumes, which meant that you could choose a partner based on your similar scent preferences!

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