7 Inexpensive Floral Perfumes That Are Perfect as Gifts ...

When it comes to purchasing inexpensive floral perfumes as gifts, I always find myself in a frenzy trying to find the right scent and size. I used to get frustrated when checking out price tags only to see the amount included in the package until I perfected the art of sale scouting. While it is sometimes better to splurge on a product if you know for a fact that it is totally efficient, there's no reason that you can't keep an eye open for cheaper finds that work just as well. You don't have to be a pro to find inexpensive floral perfumes; it's all about knowing where to look.

1. Sweet Pea Fragrance Mist

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Bath and Body Works will always be my go-to shop when I'm in need of last-minute inexpensive floral perfumes because of their wide variety of delectable fragrances. Not only is this Sweet Pea fragrance mist a steal at $6, it's also light and subtle. Also, if you mix and match three different pieces, you can make sure your friend's gift bag is nicely stocked for just $12!

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