Low-Key Fragrances 🤳 for 🙎 Girls Who Love to Wear Perfume to Work 📎 ...

Wanting to wear perfume and smell beautiful is perfectly understandable. I mean, I wear cologne, not perfume, but I get it, plus I'm married to a perfume collector. Wearing perfume when you're at the office or at school, however, that's a crap shoot. There might be people around you who don't like perfume, they may be sensitive to strong fragrances, they might even be allergic. Bummer, right? Because you want to be polite and considerate, of course, you don't want to make anyone else feel sick or uncomfortable, but does that mean that you have to stop wearing your favorite fragrances? Nope. You just have to look for a few scents that work well in spaces like offices, classrooms, and other small spaces. I got this.

1. Si by Armani

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Get it here: sephora.com

Si markets itself as a highly feminine perfume but the notes don't overwhelm with floral or fruity scents. Instead, you get hints of chypre, blond wood, and blackcurrant nectar.

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