11. Cinnamon

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It might seem a bit odd that a spice like cinnamon is alluring to men, but scents that are related to food are actually some of the most popular. This is not to say that sprinkling cinnamon on yourself is going to get more dinner invitations, but instead look for perfumes that contain dominating notes of cinnamon. Both vanilla and cinnamon are thought to have aphrodisiac qualities so don't be afraid to get sweet and spicy!

Any time you buy a new perfume, decide what you’re wearing it for.

Are you wearing it for the office, your friends, family, or your man? While you don’t need to buy a different scent for each group of people, it helps to know what scents are best to wear around men and which are best left for your day job. After all, we all relate smells to certain people, so make sure what you wear for your man doesn’t remind him of his mom or his secretary! What’s your favorite scents to wear around your man? Specific names of perfumes would be great, if you want to share those!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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