7 New Celebrity Fragrances for 2012 ...

Celebrity fragrances are now hot tickets in the perfume market. It used to be an exclusive market just for the pioneers in the fragrance departments of the world’s great perfume houses, but celebrity fragrances have literally taken over with many celebrities’ having multiple fragrances on the market. Many of these star fragrances have earned their place in the market not just because of the star-names but because we like them. Here are 7 New Celebrity Fragrances for 2012:

1. Madonna - Truth or Dare

Price: $49.95 at amazon.com

We all know that Madonna is the world’s most famous reinventor of the past few decades and it is no different when it comes to celeb fragrances. Her new seductive blend is a personal one to Madonna, who created the fragrance in the memory of her mother. Madonna says that she always smelt tuberose and gardenias on her mother and after adding a few extra scents of vanilla and musk, the enchanting perfume was born.