7 Non-toxic Products That Will Make You Smell Good ...

Perfumes, lotions, and other products that will make you smell good are everywhere! But nasty chemicals are in many of them, which is why I've turned to non-toxic products to help me smell amazing. I've run into some incredible, naturally-scented products that leave me smelling glorious! Here are 7 non-toxic products that will make you smell good.

1. Deep Steep Sugar Scrub

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Deep Steep is masterful at the art of creating products that will make you smell good AND make you feel amazing. These super-luxurious, non-toxic scrubs are beautifully scented with wild-crafted and organic aroma blends as well as fruit and flower extracts. Formulated with small brown sugar grains to slough off dead skin, these scrubs reveal skin like silk, leaving behind a light, divine fragrance. My favorite is Vanilla Brown Sugar, but there are seven fragrances, from Rosemary Melon to Passion Fruit Guava.

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