7 Perfect Summer Scents to Put on Your Lust List ...


Warm summer sun, long days, loose flowing clothing and glowing complexions โ€“ what do you need to complete the picture โ€“ why, summer scents, of course. Picking the right perfume is an art anytime. In summer it becomes a minefield. You donโ€™t want heavy or cloying, but you want lingering and energizing. You want summer scents that say โ€œthis is me,โ€ summer scents that speak of how you spend or want to spend your warm weather days. Summer scents like these:

1. For Beach Lovers

For Beach Lovers

You might imagine that beach lovers would only be tempted by fragrances that conjure up dreams of the sea and sandy shores lapped by waves. Not necessarily. Summer scents that are redolent of long days at the beach should be fresh and lively and spirited, but with the right note of relaxation. Acqua di Gioia is said to have been inspired by the holiday islands where Armani likes to recharge his batteries. Be bathed in the delicious fragrances of cedar, peony, pink pepper, lemon, mint, brown sugar and jasmine. That sounds good to me

For Campers
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