7 Perfumes Based on Personality Types That Make Great Gifts ...

Now that the countdown to Christmas has finally begun, I honestly couldn't be more excited for the holidays; if you're like me and always find yourself getting stressed out when trying to think of the perfect gift for your best friends or family, these perfumes based on personality types have got you covered. There are so many options to hand that it will be impossible not to find something that will complement your loved ones' tastes. Whether your pals are into floral or fruity scents, these perfumes based on personality types will put you ahead of the gift giving game!

1. For the Hopeless Romantic

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Starting off this list of fabulous perfumes based on personality types is this eclectic blend by Vince Camuto. With this super flirty mix of amber and sandalwood base notes, it'll be hard for your girlfriend to get rid of those hearts in her eyes. One of the things that you'll love about this perfume is that it isn't overpowering but still gets the job done. I think it's safe to say that everyone has a bit of a romantic side!

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