7 Perfumes for Spring That Are Simply Divine ...

When it comes to perfumes for spring, I definitely won't hesitate in saying that there are plenty of contenders. One of my favorite parts about hunting for old and new perfumes is falling on hidden treasures. Now that the bitter cold is almost gone, rocking freshly scented perfumes on fun outings is at the top of my list. These flawless perfumes for spring are just a few that seem to capture the very essence of this beautiful season!

1. French Lavender and Honey

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Bath and Body Works' new French Lavender and Honey signature collection is certainly one of the sweetest smelling perfumes for spring. From the smooth shower gel to the phenomenally scented fragrance mist, everything about this collection reminds me of warm and sunshine-filled days. I'm typically not a huge fan of honey but even I couldn't resist this intriguing blend. The fact that this collection is also infused with shea and Vitamin E is the icing on the cake.

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