8 Perfumes Perfect for Balmy Summer Days ...

It’s good to think about your perfume choice in the summer. Your favorite scent from the colder months may come across as heavy and cloying in the warmer months. For summer, you want to think light and fresh – scents that hint to the smells of the season. You can still pick heady and exotic, but those are best for the evening. Enliven your senses with these perfumes perfect for balmy days.

1. Atelier Cologne by Collection Azur

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A touch of citrus is quintessential when it comes to summer perfumes, and Atelier Cologne gives off just the right amount of zesty freshness whilst still being an elegant and mature scent for adults. The perfume also boasts a rich woodiness that brings out wonderful summer floral tones, including magnolia. Its mixture of light and shade make it a perfect all day perfume, suitable for your everyday activities as well as a formal evening.

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