7 Sensual Perfume Scents That Are Aphrodisiacs ...

When it comes to sensual perfume scents, certain notes are said to act like aphrodisiacs. As a fragrace lover, I find the thought of perfumes having another nature aside from its intended use incredibly interesting. This may explain the reason why men and women are so drawn to particular fragrances. If you're not convinced, reading about the power of these sensual perfume scents just may change the way you think about fragrances.

1. Vanilla

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Warm vanilla sensual perfume scents are often hailed as being the best aphrodisiacs. It's interesting to note that vanilla was once considered an effective cure for male impotency. Whether it is due to the sweet and alluring scent or even the taste, vanilla has always been a fan favorite. I am completely obssed with the warm vanilla fragrances from Bath and Body Works.

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