7 Splendid Perfumes That Drive Men Crazy ...

There are tons of different perfumes that drive men crazy, but do you know them all? I've surveyed a ton of different men and I've found all of the different perfumes that drive men crazy and will make your man addicted to your scent! So, whether you are a Gucci girl or a Burberry chick, check out all of my top perfumes that will really make your man go completely nuts for you!

1. La Perouse by Gilly Hicks

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Most people don't know about this amazing perfume, nor do they think that this is one of the top perfumes that drive men crazy but it is! It's a beautiful scent of fresh flowers, soft woods and a bit of lilac and soft musk. It's an addicting yet not overwhelming or overpowering scent. Guys love it, girls, so give it a try for your man and yourself!

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