10 Deliciously Beachy Scents to Bring Summer ☀️ Early to Your World 🌎 ...

These deliciously beachy scents are perfect for bringing summer to your world early. According to Bustle, a scent is linked to memory, so a summer scent can complete this ice cream cone, bike ride, sand between your toes beach fantasy. If you're in need of a tropical vacation, these delicious beachy scents will do the trick. The reviews are in, and they're raving--say hello to your new favorite scent! Here are 10 deliciously beachy scents to transport you to paradise.

1. Like a Saltwater Breeze

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With notes of palm leaves, coconut water, and salty amber, this body mist leaves skin refreshed, conditioned, and gently smelling like the beach.

Try: Bath and Body Works At the Beach Fine Fragrance Mist, $14.98, amazon.com.

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