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Pro Tricks for Women to Keep Your Fragrance Lasting ...

By Sue

Are you wondering how to make your perfume last longer?
No trick can push a perfume to create a more powerful fragrance. Still, there are ways to slow the process by which that same pleasant odor fades away, during the course of the day.

1 Apply Perfume to Moist Skin

A fragrance fades faster when it has been placed on dry skin. Still, a woman must be careful, regarding her moisturizer of choice. It should be an odor-free moisturizer so that it does not clash with the perfume’s pleasant smell.

2 Keep Some Petroleum Jelly at the Table Where You Have Your Perfume

You should be ready to put a small dab of petroleum jelly under each drop of perfume. Each such dab will be able to catch a drop that has come from a fragrance-filled mist. As long as such drops continue to adhere to the petroleum jelly, their fragrance-emitting chemicals will continue to travel into the air.

3 Layer the Skin Care Products Used at Your Chosen Spot

Hopefully, you have chosen to place your perfume on a pulse point. Be sure that the multiple layers used at that same spot all feature a product from the same line. That way you can decrease the chances that you will produce a clashing of two or three different smells. You may decide to put both a body gel and a moisturizing lotion under your preferred fragrance.

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