Pro Tricks πŸ˜‰ for Women πŸ‘© to Keep Your Fragrance πŸ‘ƒ Lasting ⏳ ...

Are you wondering how to make your perfume last longer?
No trick can push a perfume to create a more powerful fragrance. Still, there are ways to slow the process by which that same pleasant odor fades away, during the course of the day.

1. Apply Perfume to Moist Skin

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A fragrance fades faster when it has been placed on dry skin. Still, a woman must be careful, regarding her moisturizer of choice. It should be an odor-free moisturizer so that it does not clash with the perfume’s pleasant smell.

2. Keep Some Petroleum Jelly at the Table Where You Have Your Perfume

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You should be ready to put a small dab of petroleum jelly under each drop of perfume. Each such dab will be able to catch a drop that has come from a fragrance-filled mist. As long as such drops continue to adhere to the petroleum jelly, their fragrance-emitting chemicals will continue to travel into the air.

3. Layer the Skin Care Products Used at Your Chosen Spot

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Hopefully, you have chosen to place your perfume on a pulse point. Be sure that the multiple layers used at that same spot all feature a product from the same line. That way you can decrease the chances that you will produce a clashing of two or three different smells. You may decide to put both a body gel and a moisturizing lotion under your preferred fragrance.

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