How to Wear Perfume like a French Woman ...


How to Wear Perfume like a French Woman ...
How to Wear Perfume like a French Woman ...

Knowing how to wear perfume like a French woman ups your scent game! They say that when it comes to style and beauty, no nation does it better than the French. Of course, the Italians might have something to say about that, but when you look back through history, even way back to real olden days, there has always been something a little special about the way that the French do things!

They are masters of fashion, masters of food, masters of beauty and importantly for today’s video topic, masters of perfume! Not only are some of the best perfumes in the world made by French perfumiers, but French women also have a knack and expertise in how best to wear a scent in the way that shows it off to the max.

Back in 1997 Kate Winslet implored Leonardo DiCaprio to draw him like one his French girls, but now it is time to learn how to wear perfume like one of his French girls as well! It is always cool to be armed with some knowledge of how different cultures and nationalities approach universal and every day activities. You wouldn’t necessarily think that something as simple as applying perfume might be so different between countries, but it’s always cool to make discoveries! Check out this great little video that teaches you exactly how to wear perfume like a French woman wears it. You never know, following the instructions might just end up in you bagging your very own Leonardo, without the horrendous boat trip, of course!

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Being French I totally approve all those tips! It does cover everything a mother teach young French girls and is part of the culture!!!

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