7 Fascinating 👀 Facts about Chanel No. 5 🤳 Every Woman Should Know 🙎👍🏼 ...

It may not be the most expensive perfume in the world and probably more women wear it than you might imagine, but there is an allure and sense of luxury about Chanel No 5. For nearly a century, it has been associated with beautiful women and its iconic bottle is instantly recognizable. Most of us are probably also very familiar with its scent – especially if you love it, you can probably pick it out in a room of women wearing perfumes. Want to know some facts about Chanel No 5? Then please read on.

1. Chanel No 5 is a "woman's Perfume with a Woman's Scent."

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Coco Chanel was already hugely successful with her eponymous brand when, at a meeting with friends when on vacation in Monte Carlo in 1921, she decided that her brand would be even stronger with a signature fragrance. For this, Madame Coco wanted a "woman's perfume with a woman's scent" that should one of a kind and to reflect her style and personality.

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