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Smell Good without Breaking the Bank with Dollar Store Perfumes ...

By Leiann

Are you the type of woman who thinks... Dollar store perfume? Oh yuck. Well, the glamour diva in this video gives her opinion on how dollar store perfumes smell just as good as the real thing...

There is one fragrance that she is on her 3rd purchase of called Blossom Blast.

Out of all, there are 2 that she bought duplicates of... Posture, a smell like the real Dior scent and Omniscent.

Lovely Lady makes her happy.

Shock for You is like a Victoria Secret scent ... Hello? Victoria Secret!

Stroll With Me leaves a clean and fresh shower scent.

So, if you have a little cash on you and want to treat yourself to some gorgeous fragrance, maybe take the glamour diva into consideration? Your man just like it too!

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