6 Perfect Everyday Perfumes You Will Love ...


6 Perfect Everyday Perfumes You Will Love ...
6 Perfect Everyday Perfumes You Will Love ...

The idea of having a gorgeous new perfume appeals to most women, but one look at the perfume counters can be almost too dazzling as there is just so much choice! It is almost impossible to know where to begin, but armed with the names of some of the top perfumes, it can be great fun to spend time finding the new fragrance that suits you best!

There are so many good reasons to treat yourself to a new fragrance! For many, summer is the perfect opportunity to buy a new perfume that is clean light and fresh and captures balmy summer days. For others, maybe their signature fragrance is smelling a little dull and predictable – not the perfume’s fault- it just means it is time to switch to an exciting new scent! Interestingly, a recent magazine pointed out that the easiest way to age a woman is by the perfume she is wearing – food for thought indeed!

Many women love to have a signature fragrance that makes them feel assured and confident, as well as making them instantly recognizable. More and more women are opting for a selection of fragrances so that they can choose the one that fits their mood and the occasion best. Smelling good has never been so easy because there are great perfumes for work, leisure, day time, and evenings or you may opt to purchase one fragrance that effortlessly fits every occasion and time of day!

There are some really great ladies’ perfumes on the market right now; many of them very distinctive and all of them alluring and sexy, so why not promise yourself a lovely new fragrance to wear on the next big occasion on your calendar? Give yourself plenty of time to choose a new fragrance and make sure you have showered using unperfumed shower gel so that the skin on the inside of your wrists is like a blank canvas, ready for the picture created by three or four perfumes that tempt you.

Here are six of the most popular perfumes this season:

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The Allure of Black Orchid

This beautiful perfume is heavy, very exotic, and totally irresistible! Designed by Tom Ford, this fragrance has become almost a cult – for both men and women. Black Orchid is perfect for the evening and is both modern and classic at the same time. Dark florals and rich fruit with a heart of lotus wood make Black Orchid a very memorable fragrance The fragrance has gorgeous top notes of jasmine, blackcurrant, and lemon with middle notes of orchid, spices and lotus wood and the long-lasting base notes are patchouli, sandalwood, incense, and amber. The result is a dramatic showstopper that will definitely get you noticed!


The Oriental Magic of Baccarat Rouge

This perfume is warm, spicy, and sensuous. Baccarat Rouge is a great fragrance for men and women and has a flamboyant floral smell with an oriental twist. The top notes of this popular perfume are jasmine and saffron with the middle notes being lavender and sage, coupled with cedar and pine resin. These ingredients lead into the warm mellow base notes of amber and oakwood. No wonder this perfume is in the top ten most popular perfumes.


The Sensual Fragrance of Aventus for Women

This irresistibly feminine fragrance has been inspired by Aventus for Men which has been a sophisticated best seller for men. Aventus for Women took the world by storm just four years ago and its creators say they were inspired by the world’s most powerful women and experts agree that it suits women who lead intense and busy lives as it is as distinctive as they are.

Aventus for Women is a lovely fragrance for summer as it is floral and fruity which makes it both opulent and very sensual. The top notes of the fragrance are unmistakably crisp green apple with red pepper, violet, and patchouli. The ingredients at the heart of this fragrance are roses, musk, and lovely exotic sandalwood. The base note ingredients that give Aventus for Women its lasting depth (and a little mystery)include ylang-ylang, amber, and another summer favorite – peaches.


Silver Mountain Water- Capturing the Magic of Snow-capped Mountains

This is the perfect fragrance for those who love clean, citrusy smells. This fragrance perfectly captures the crispness of an Alpine scene with snow-capped mountains, tumbling streams, and stunning landscape. Silver Mountain Water by Creed has all the same characteristics, making it refreshingly, light, and contemporary to wear – and also very memorable. The Creed perfume house is synonymous with top quality and because its perfumes are quite difficult to find to buy, the name oozes exclusivity.

The top notes of Silver Mountain Water are a lovely combination of mandarin and bergamot which, after a few moments, reveal the comforting heart notes of green tea, blackcurrant, and sandalwood. The base notes of the fragrance are provided by ambergris and musk. The result is a very wearable fresh fragrance that is perfect for work, but can be confidently worn on a summer’s evening too.


Santal 33 – a Very Distinctive Fragrance

Santal 33 is the addictive and alluring fragrance that has achieved cult status and is much loved by both men and women. Santal 33 has a really unique and distinctive fragrance – that is sophisticated, spicy, and as comforting as old leather. This is a truly beguiling and unconventional fragrance with some lovely ingredients including cardamom, iris, and violet, with woody notes provided by papyrus, cedarwood, and sandalwood plus…a hint of beautiful leather.


The Indulgent Fragrance of Lost Cherry

Lost Cherry is another Tom Ford perfume and is a fun and tempting perfume to enjoy over the summer months. This gorgeous and long-lasting fragrance is a heady combination of fruit and flowers and is the perfect holiday fragrance.

The top notes of Lost Cherry have been created from luscious black cherries, cherry liqueur, and almonds which complement the rich heart notes created by Turkish roses, jasmine, and roasted tonka beans, perfectly. The base notes are a mixture of classic smelling sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver. The result is a warm, spicy, full-bodied and rich fragrance

So why not treat yourself to an exciting new perfume? If you are feeling hesitant about changing to a new fragrance, the perfect solution is to buy your new fragrance in a handbag size or to try and find a top-quality copy to try before you splash out on the new and very special perfume to enjoy.

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