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10 Favorite Perfumes for Women We Love ...

By Jennifer

It seems like every week, your favorite celebrities and brands are launching a new perfume — a trip to the perfume counter can be so overwhelming! But whether you’re looking for a classic scent to make your own, or something new to enchant your significant other, the editors here at AWS can help. We’ve put our heads together and shared our own favorite perfumes for women, some beloved classics, others brand-new but sure to become timeless. Here are our picks for our favorite perfumes for women.

Table of contents:

  1. My pick: be delicious by dkny
  2. Neecey’s pick: paris by yves saint laurent
  3. Lisa’s pick: yellow diamond by versace
  4. Megan’s pick: parfum d’extase by marchesa
  5. Jelena’s pick: cinema by yves saint laurent
  6. Melissa’s pick: miracle by lancome
  7. Diana denza’s pick: live in love by oscar de la renta
  8. Meream’s pick: honeysuckle by the face shop
  9. Lyndsie’s pick: cool water woman by davidoff
  10. Diana trotter’s pick: royal desire by christina aguilera

1 My Pick: Be Delicious by DKNY

Inspired by the sights and sounds of the Big Apple, this perfume is scented with bright tones of (what else) green apples! It's sweet and crisp with hints of citrus and floral. Though I'm sure it's meant for spring and summer, I wear it year-round. It's sexy in a simple, girl-next-door sort of way, which is why it's my very favorite perfume for women.

2 Neecey’s Pick: Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

As classic and timeless as the city it is named for, Paris by Yves St. Laurent has been my favored perfume choice for more than 30 years. The bergamot, violets and roses make it deliciously floral, but the sandalwood lifts it out of the flower shop bouquet, with a charming sensuous undertone. Perfect for summer days, it also adds a lightness to dull winter days. Every memorable occasion in my life has been accompanied by the elegance of Paris.

3 Lisa’s Pick: Yellow Diamond by Versace

Versace's Yellow Diamond is my current favorite perfume. I fell in love with this fragrance after I got a whiff of it from one of my many magazines and had to have it! Reality set in and I found out that this perfume costs $51 for an ounce! I wasn't willing to pay that much for a mere ounce so I treated myself to a roller ball and I feel like a little glamourpuss every time I put it on! Yellow Diamond has notes of fruits, florals and it's very feminine. This scent would be perfect for a night out on the town!

4 Megan’s Pick: Parfum D’Extase by Marchesa

This first fragrance by designer duo, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, is a glamorous and elegant scent. Not only is the bottle eye candy for your vanity, it’s also sweet smelling too. Sweet floral tones make up this perfumes subtle beauty with fresh and woody undertones. The secret behind this intoxicating scent is the Iris flower in all its sensual glory. Marchesa’s Parfum D’Extase is clean and sexy for a truly feminine touch.

5 Jelena’s Pick: Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

Launched way back in 2004, this seductive, glamorous fragrance continues to be my all time favorite and the one I usually go back to each autumn! It's slightly tangy top notes did come as a shock but I never judge a book by its cover - the citrus smell wears off rather quickly making place for a rich, exotic floral bouquet that could make any woman with a taste for this kind of fragrance feel like an old Hollywood diva! Hours of wear soften this amazing fragrance up, bringing forward that sexy, seductive musky base that I absolutely adore! It's a bit heavy and, therefore, probably not an ideal choice for summer, but definitely works like a charm in all other times of the year.

6 Melissa’s Pick: Miracle by Lancome

My favorite perfume for women is Miracle by Lancome. I love Miracle because it is light, sweet, and fun. It almost has a hint of baby powder. I think it is perfect for an everyday perfume because it's not too over powering.

7 Diana Denza’s Pick: Live in Love by Oscar De La Renta

It's a floral scent, but it feels so luxurious when you spray it on. The fragrance lasts all day and is gorgeous and feminine — perfect for any holiday party!

8 Meream’s Pick: Honeysuckle by the Face Shop

If, like me, you find perfumes overpowering to the point of migraine-inducing, shower colognes are your best friends. My current favorite is Honeysuckle by The Face Shop. Radiating a perfect balance of citrus and mild floral, this shower cologne makes you feel and smell fresh all day. It's not warm on the body, too, making it a great choice for those who live somewhere hot and/or humid. Bonus: this cologne is budget-friendly!

9 Lyndsie’s Pick: Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

I like it because it doesn't smell like most perfumes; it's very light, very fresh, and very clean, so you don't feel drenched in a heavy fragrance. It's light enough for daytime but sweet enough for evenings, so the versatility factor is nice. Also, my stand partner in band class/BFF, Matt, on whom I had a "I like girls and you like boys, you're perfect" crush always clamored for me to wear it, so I did it for the booty.

10 Diana Trotter’s Pick: Royal Desire by Christina Aguilera

I wear Christina Aguilera... I have three different scents by her called Royal Desire, By Day, and By Night. I wear Royal Desire the most out of the three. It's a very girly and fruity fragrance that isn't too strong to wear during the day but can also be worn when going out at night. By Day is also a nice smell with a hint of vanilla to it. By Night has a very strong smell and I only wear that once in a while. I'm looking forward to buying her new scent called “Secret Potion.”
Bonus! Olga's Pick: Mademoiselle by Coco Chanel
I've been addicted to this fabulous perfume for years and whenever I tried something different, I would always come back for a new bottle of this all time favorite perfume. You see, I never understood the concept of having different perfumes for day and night, summer and winter. Putting together an outfit in the morning is time-consuming enough without deciding which perfume to wear. And from all the perfumes I've tried so far, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is the only one that works perfectly for every occasion. So, if you too are looking for something elegant, sexy, yet timeless, you should definitely check out this wonderful Chanel fragrance. And if you too become addicted to this luxurious scent, be ready to shell out a few pennies! On the bright side, a bottle will last you a year and you'll be complimented on the way you smell every day!

Now that you’ve seen our editors’ favorite perfumes for women, I hope you look forward to a trip to the perfume counter, rather than dreading it! I know when I started collecting everyone’s picks, I was excited to sample all the ones I hadn’t tried before… how about you? Which of these perfumes are you most excited to try? Or are you already loyal to a particular scent? Which is your favorite perfume for women? Do tell!

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