8 Amazing Fresh Summer Scents You Need to Try ...

Summer is right around the corner, and with summer comes a brand new set of summer scents to try! Summer scents should be scents that are not too heavy, that are airy and that won't weigh you down. In the winter, you are indoors, so you want something that will last for a really long time, but in the summer, you want something lighter, something that will soak in the sunlight and ocean air that you'll be experiencing! For my top summer perfumes, give a look below!

1. Romance Summer Blossom by Ralph Lauren

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No summer scents list would be complete without this unforgettable and amazingly delicious scent! It's perfect for a night out on the town or for the latest BBQ at your friend's house. It's light enough to wear everyday and it's perfect for the summer! It's full of mandarin, guava, jasmine and a bit of coconut water! You'll never, ever want to give this scent up once you try it! It's full of sunshine and butterflies – along with a splash of romance!

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