7 Fab Fall Scent Trends to Try ...


7 Fab Fall Scent Trends to Try ...
7 Fab Fall Scent Trends to Try ...

Fall is on us now and what that means is that there are tons of fall scents that you'll have to give a try to. Now, I am not just talking about perfumes, I am also talking about your home. Fall is all about the spice, the sweet and the woods. All of these fall scents are designed to switch up your home a bit and to really draw in that fall scent and to pull it into your home and onto your skin!

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If you know fall scents, you know that pumpkin is one of those scents that is not only amazing on your skin (yep, they make body mist that is pumpkin!), but it's a great scent to have in your home. Personally, I love pumpkin pie candles or even air fresheners all throughout my house in the fall.



Spices are huge in the fall. Whether you are looking for a spicy spice or you are just looking for something that is spice-inspired, this is one scent trend that is super hot right now. Spices such as saffron and even cardamom and cumin are some of the best spice scents.



One of the hottest fall scent trends that are out there right now is all about the leathers. Personally, I am not the hugest fan of this particular scent, but there is something that is comforting when it comes to this scent. For example, when I got my brand new Kate Spade bag? I loved the smell of that, but that's about it. Would you ever put a leather-scented perfume on your skin.



Woody notes are also something that are super in right now, whether you go with a perfume that is packed with pine scents or the woods notes or you burn a candle that is all about the rustic side of things, this scent is sure to get you in the spirit of fall! After all, how fun is it to go hiking when the weather temperatures are way down?


Green Tea

Green tea is another scent that is super in right now. This particular note is nice, it's super refreshing and it reminds me of home. Whether you slip into a green tea scented body mist or you burn a candle that smells just like green tea, there is just something about fall wrapped up in green tea.


Red Berries

Lots of different spring perfumes and scents incorporate red berries into them, but did you know that red berries are also hot for fall? Whether you burn an awesome candle for your red berries scent or you slip into a perfume that has red berries in it, this is a fall scent trend that is hot!


Apple Cinnamon

Finally, how many times have you gone to the apple orchard this fall? Have you been baking up tons of apple crisp with lots of cinnamon and apples? Well girls and guys, this is by far one of the hottest scents next to pumpkin when it comes to fall.

Now that you are aware of all of the different scent trends for fall, you can now jump right in! What are some of your favorite scents for fall? Share 'em! I'd love to hear in the comments what some of your favorite scent trends for fall are.

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Thank you first time I hear about pumpkin mist, candles etc. Where can I get them.

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