7 Gorgeous Feminine Fragrances That Won't Break Your January Budget ...


Perfume can be expensive, and some of the most beautiful feminine fragrances can end up costing a fortune - many of us receive fragrance gift sets for Christmas or birthdays as a way to afford the latest scents! If you're looking for some beautiful feminine fragrances that won't cost the earth, here are 7 of the best options.

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Kate Moss by Kate Moss

Kate Moss by Kate Moss I bought this perfume recently as it was on special offer; I think it cost me £10 (about $16) for a 50ml bottle. To me, it smells almost exactly like Nina by Nina Ricci - the gorgeous fragrance which comes in an apple shaped bottle. As Nina has always been one of my favorite feminine fragrances, I snapped up this bargainous perfume and have been using it ever since; I think I'll buy a new bottle when this one is finished! The fragrance is described as having two sides, much like Kate Moss herself - it's a 'complicated floral' with smoky rose and black undertones, and it's absolutely gorgeous!


Lucy B Sample Pack

Lucy B Sample Pack Shopping at a perfume website such as IndieScents.com allows you to try fragrances made by independent perfume brands. Lucy B creates some amazing scents, although a single bottle of her fragrance can cost quite a lot. Ordering a sample pack is a great way to test out which fragrance you'll like and will set you back $28 plus shipping for mini spray vials of all Lucy's 8 scents. If you think you know which fragrance is for you, a full sized bottle is $28.


Lucy B Royal Green Fig and Vanilla Woods

Lucy B Royal Green Fig and Vanilla Woods This fresh, green, leafy scent, available at IndieScents.com, comes in stunning packaging and costs just $28. With notes of coconut, green fig, vanilla and wood, it's fresh with just a hint of sweetness and somehow manages to be utterly feminine yet not floral. Gorgeous!


By Night Jette by Joop

By Night Jette by Joop This is a sophisticated feminine fragrance that costs a lot less than many more expensive scents, yet smells like it costs a million dollars! Perfect for when you want to feel sexy, notes of vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar are underpinned by a musk base - many women think it smells like its more expensive cousin, Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent.


Believe by Britney Spears

Believe by Britney Spears Britney's range of perfumes are actually surprisingly wearable, and this is one of my favorites. It's a similar scent to Gucci by Gucci - juicy guava, tangerine and the sweetness of amber and honeysuckle blended with yummy pralines - mmmmm! It's a fresh, floral and flirty feminine fragrance that's perfect for spring, and it won't break the bank!


Premier Jour by Nina Ricci

Premier Jour by Nina Ricci I love Nina Ricci's fragrances, and this is one of their more affordable ones - around $26 for a 30ml bottle. It's not the most affordable fragrance I've listed here, but it is beautiful. It's more of an evening scent - sandalwood, musk, vanilla orchid, tangerine and mandarin combine for a delicious exotic fragrance. Lovely!


Lilabelle by Kate Moss

Lilabelle by Kate Moss This is another gorgeous fragrance by Kate Moss, this time named after her daughter Lila. It's quite a young, fresh fragrance that's great for spring, with notes of white lily, mandarin, night blooming jasmine and suede. I love this!

Sometimes you don't need to pay a fortune for gorgeous fragrances. Do you prefer to buy designer perfumes or simply choose something that smells beautiful? I'd love to hear about your all-time favorite perfumes, or perhaps you can recommend a budget perfume that smells just as good as this selection?

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Num. 4 is not by Joop it's by jette joop two completely deferent German designers. Jette is not even close to Joop couture. Bad, bad mistake!

Woww i hope they smell good

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