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Warm summer sun, long days, loose flowing clothing and glowing complexions – what do you need to complete the picture – why, summer scents, of course. Picking the right perfume is an art anytime. In summer it becomes a minefield. You don’t want heavy or cloying, but you want lingering and energizing. You want summer scents that say “this is me,” summer scents that speak of how you spend or want to spend your warm weather days. Summer scents like these:

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For Beach Lovers

For Beach Lovers You might imagine that beach lovers would only be tempted by fragrances that conjure up dreams of the sea and sandy shores lapped by waves. Not necessarily. Summer scents that are redolent of long days at the beach should be fresh and lively and spirited, but with the right note of relaxation. Acqua di Gioia is said to have been inspired by the holiday islands where Armani likes to recharge his batteries. Be bathed in the delicious fragrances of cedar, peony, pink pepper, lemon, mint, brown sugar and jasmine. That sounds good to me


For Campers

For Campers If your idea of summer is tramping through the woods and nights by a crackling campfire, you want a woodsy perfume. For this my choice is Burberry. With its woody notes of sandalwood and moss, tones down with bergamot, blackcurrant and apple and rounded out with musk and vanilla, you won’t have any problem with smelling like a crisp morning in the mountains with a dash of sophistication.


For Music Festival Goers

For Music Festival Goers I wasn’t really thinking of Glastonbury when I chose this one, even though so often that fantastic festival is plagued by downpours. For music festivals, you want something light and fresh and breezy. For me Rain and Angelica by Jo Malone is top of the pops. It smells of fresh spring rain or summer morning dew. With slightly floral and angelica as its main notes, it’s spirited, energizing and fresh.


For Sultry Summer Nights

For Sultry Summer Nights Lanĉome’s Some Like It Hot will have you dreaming of spicy Turkish bazaars or far off, mystical, Eastern places. The heady Turkish and Bulgarian roses are tempered by spicy saffron, green moss, smoky patchouli and rich myrrh. Whether you’re sitting on a Greek island enjoying delicious fresh seafood after a day on the beach or heading out to a club for a night with the girls, you just know that some like it hot.


For BBQ Lovers

For BBQ Lovers It’s never pleasurable being at an event where the food is meant to be the centre of attention but the delicious aromas are in a constant head to head with too many overpowering and cloying perfumes. Sunshine Grace is a special limited edition of Philosophy’s Grace, making it one of the newest and greatest summer scents. It’s a perfect balance of woods, florals and musks.


For Stuck in the Office

For Stuck in the Office The sun’s beating down, there’s laughter in the air, all is relaxed and what… you’re stuck in the office. That doesn’t mean you can’t smell great, and what you need is a perfume that exerts some joie de vivre to get you through to clocking off time. Flash by Jimmy Choo will do that for you. You’ll smile the second you pick up the glittery box and grin when you spritz the lavender colored spray from the flash cube shaped bottle. When you’re hit with the waft of white flowers, sweet berries and soft woods, you know you’ll make it through the day.


For the Flower Girl

For the Flower Girl For lovers of floral perfumes, there are so many summer scents. And it can get complicated because it’s not just about the flowers but the blends that deliver aquatic florals, citrus florals, green florals etc. Let’s just cut through that and head straight for Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb. To me, it is one of the ultimate floral fragrance – it’s roses, orchids, jasmine, osmanthus – an explosive combination no flower lover can resist. And unlike many floral scents, this one has body and opulence.

I love choosing new summer scents every season. There’s such a wide choice but it’s fun checking out tons of new fragrances. I’d have one for every mood, every activity if I could. What’s your favorite summer perfume?

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Love the Lancôme scent! I even got 2 bottles cuz I know I wouldn't be able to find it later.

I'm so in love with everything Jo Malone! Wild Bluebell & English Pear r my fav!

Looked for that Lancôme scent online. Can't find it?

Marine Groove by Escada. Love it!

I found the Lancôme...it's actually L'Autre Oud, not some like it hot...and it's $175.

You can find the Lancôme perfume at duty free or when you are traveling.

For now, it's only available in Europe :(

Prada Candy has got to be my favourite!

You can try odering it @ Lancome.fr

Love Jo Malone everything!!

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