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Having a signature scent is a ladylike and feminine thing to do, which makes figuring out your scent personality a valuable thing to do. Unfortunately, I can’t wear traditional perfume because it gives me a massive headache, but I have found a selection of great body sprays that leave me smelling great. You might be surprised to find that perfume and body splash doesn’t smell the same on everyone. Weird, huh? That’s why it’s a great idea to find out your scent personality so you can choose the most perfect product for you.

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Take a Quiz

It might not be the most accurate way to find out your scent personality, but many beauty websites have a quiz that asks you a selection of questions, then recommends scents based on your answers. It’s a fun way to find out which perfumes might smell good on you and that match your personality, be it sporty or romantic.


Strange Things Play in

Obviously your likes and dislikes play into what your scent personality is, but some other strange things do too. Can you believe that the foods you enjoy most and your choice in movies are a factor in what perfume you should wear? I know it’s weird to consider, but those things are part of your personality so I guess it makes sense that they become part of your scent personality.


Try It on

One of the best ways to figure out what scent you should be wearing is to try on a variety of samples. Most stores allow you to sample the options so that you can find which one you want. The best way to see if a scent matches your personality is to see how it smells on you. Remember – they smell different on everyone. You’ll find yourself drawn to certain scents, which allows you to make a great choice for you.


Understand the Categories

According to scent experts, there are four main categories when it comes to choosing perfume. That includes oriental, floral, woody and fresh. Most perfumes will fall into one of these. Once you figure out which category you love best, you can narrow your search to that one instead of having to try on each and every scent in the store.


There Are Notes in Perfume

To make things even more complicated, each category of perfume also has a top, middle and base note. That means that no two smell exactly alike, though you may find a few that are very similar. The base note is the scent that lingers the longest, though it won’t be the one you smell until the other two notes have faded. The top note is your first whiff and the middle one comes in between the two others. That means that the base notes of a perfume are the most important ones to consider. Again, the ones you like best will be based on your personality, whether it’s flirty or outdoorsy.


You Might Need an off Brand

There are loads of big name perfume brands that you probably gravitate toward because you’ve heard of them. However, that doesn’t mean one of them is going to match your personality. You might have to seek out lesser known names that don’t show up on department store shelves. The search to your perfect scent personality may take some time to find, but it will be worth the effort.


Your Scent Personality Might Change

While your personality probably remains largely the same throughout your life, that doesn’t mean your preferences and lifestyle will. For that reason, don’t get sucked into the belief that your scent personality has to be the same until you die. If you find yourself becoming disenchanted with your scent, don’t be afraid to seek out a new one.

What’s your scent personality? According to the quiz I took, mine is floral, which isn’t a surprise to me. What perfume do you wear?

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I love the green ,fresh perfumes. It maddens me when sales assistants try and fob you off with a spray sample on a piece of paper. I wear it on my skin so that is how I want to test it!

Love this!

I suggest going to sephora getting a perfume sales and say I need to find a scent! They will show and tell you exactly what to do and look for w/I pushing a perfume on you! Also if you like something try a sample ask to have one made and wear it out see if you like it all day ! I change my scents to light and crips during sting and summer dior Cherie to a bit heavier in fall and winter chance Chanel!


Seventeen has them but it might not be accurate

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