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Do you have a signature scent or do you like a selection? Have you worn the same one for ages or do you swap in new ones regularly? Do you like light fragrances for day and heady for night? All of these are good questions, but it is the overriding scents of your favorite fragrances that say more about you than when and where you wear them.

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Floral Scents

Floral scents are some of the most popular, and if floral scents are your favorite, what your perfume says about you is that you don’t mind being a woman. These women don’t mind dresses and heels, they like the little luxuries of life and they like organization. They may be organizing their friend’s birthday party while sipping pink champagne from a long, tall glass and eating an insanely expensive piece of chocolate while wrapped in silky pajamas. They are unmistakably feminine and are not afraid to flaunt it.


Fruity Scents

Perhaps the second most popular scents are fruity. They can be classic scents, like green apple or cherry, or fun scents like mango and fruit salad. Women who prefer these scents are not wallflowers, they are usually full of life and surrounded by color. They are lively and as fresh as watermelon on a sunny day, and they will likely smell like one too. They give off a youthful and spirited vibe, and other people can’t help but be uplifted by their energy.


Citrus Scents

While citrus is actually a fruity aroma, it’s a class of its own as far as scents are concerned. Women who wear citrus scents, such as lime, orange, lemon, and even Bergamot or lemongrass, have a “zest” for life. Their looks are always clean and crisp, and if they go bold it’s in their accessories. They are very efficient and streamlined in their activities, and can get to the heart of any matter quickly.


Oceanic or Water Scents

Women who wear scents associated with the ocean or water are the picture of California cool. They are free spirits who surround themselves with the colors of the sea in clothing, accessories and décor. They almost certainly have a favorite necklace or earrings with a seashell theme. They don’t like to be tied down or bound to certain ideals and are very accepting of other ideas, even if they don’t agree.


Oriental Fragrances

Women who prefer oriental fragrances, such as musk and patchouli, tend to prefer quality over quantity. The oriental fragrances are earthy and exotic, and women who wear them are sensuous and warm, but perhaps a little aloof at first. While they are into the occasional late-night party, they would prefer an intimate dinner at an elegant but quiet restaurant with a handsome and attentive lover. They love classic and one-of-a-kind pieces in their wardrobe and their décor, and you’ll never see them chasing the latest trends.


Spicy Scents

Warm and sexy, women who wear spicy scents have an equally spicy personality. They are night owls and left to their own devices wouldn’t get up till noon, so forget about making a breakfast date. Their style often crosses the line into men’s fashion, but they top off their looks with deep red lipstick just to throw people off. They can be found sipping luxuriously on Bordeaux and Merlots and take their coffee strong.


Baked Goods Aromas

Scents like vanilla, cinnamon, and other yummy edibles you might find on a bakery shelf signify a woman who doesn’t take life too seriously, and can even be a bit on the cheeky side. Her favorite holiday is definitely Christmas, and she’s likely to have prepared for it all year. She isn’t bothered by fashion rules, and may pair a chic high fashion bag and diamond earrings with a frumpy old coat and sneakers.


Green Scents

Women who wear green scents, like those resembling grasses, cucumber or green tea, tend to be concerned about the environment or rally around causes. They usually wear clothes made of only natural materials. They seldom wear bright colors, preferring earth tones when possible. They shop the discount and second-hand shops, and they eat organic food. They try to use only natural cosmetics.


Woody Scents

These women are no-nonsense types, and say what they are thinking even if you might not want to hear it. On the other hand, her associates can always count on getting the truth. They have no tolerance for sexist words like “babe” or “chick,” and will likely correct the offender on this obvious oversight. They are not frivolous, and their style is very classic and unadorned except for a few small pieces.


Candy or Sweet Scents

Sweet scents are often worn by women who have a strong sense of nostalgia. These women love watching old TV shows and movies, and search the internet for those funky fashion finds from another era. However, these candy-scented women find a way to make it all look fresh and new. Their personalities may be equally as eclectic, but they are usually delightful and interesting women.

Which are your favorite scents? I ask in the plural because it’s likely you have more than one favorite. We are complex creatures and it’s unlikely we could be tied down by one scent group. Me? I’m a bit water, a bit oriental and a bit green!

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Sent scents are me yee haa

I love clean scents like soap and water, pure grace, by philosophy

Mine are fruity, citrus and sweet scents.

My personalities definitely alternate between #1, 2, 7, and 10. =)

I have a spicy perfume and a sweet one. I can also mix them (love Rue21 for this reason) for days I'm feeling a little adventurous.

Oriental and Woody scents!

I love oriental (musk) and woody.....and honestly???....that's me...

Love floral scents

Mine are also floral, fruity & citrus @Jaymee Castillo. Guess we have something in common.

Sweet scents I mean to say...

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