The Delicious Fragrance Thatll Keep Mosquitos Away ...

By Holly

The Delicious Fragrance Thatll Keep Mosquitos Away ...

You shouldn't avoid floral perfumes. According to Refinery 29, there's a study that says, "Our results challenge the notion that floral, perfume-scented sprays, in general, attract mosquitoes. Floral fragrances may provide a masking odor resulting in low mosquito attraction rates, but over a shorter duration of time."

That means that you don't have to sacrifice your scent to keep bugs away from you. Some people claim that Victoria Secret's Bombshell fragrance works even better than actual bug sprays. Where can you buy it?

Right here: Even though it costs $52, the high price is worth it when it doubles as a fun fragrance and a bug repellent.

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