7 Perfumes You Can Share with Your Man ...


7 Perfumes You Can Share with Your Man ...
7 Perfumes You Can Share with Your Man ...

If you like to share everything with your partner, perfume should be no different. After all, there are plenty of scents that will work for both males and females. Try buying these fragrances suggested by Cosmopolitan so you can share them with your man:

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Curve It's only $20 at walmart.com


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein It's $60 on macys.com



Fresh This one is $50 at sephora.com



Kiehl's This one is $43 on kiehls.com



Diptyque This is $90 on diptyqueparis.com



Clean This one is $90 on sephora.com


Tom Ford

Tom Ford This one is a whopping $220 at tomford.com

Does your boyfriend own any colognes that you like to borrow?

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I love ck , theres somthing about that smell just love it!

I do the same thing @Jackie!

Burberry Brit!! The woman's version just doesn't compare.

Ern no!

I sometimes wear my fiancé's cologne so I could smell him all day.

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