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7 Dior Perfumes to Fall in Love with ...

By Heather

Dior Perfumes are some of the best perfumes in the world aren't they? Ladies, when you are looking for just the right scent for the office or even for date night, what brand do you typically go for? Well, I head on over to my Dior perfume collection! There truly is a Dior perfume for every taste and below, I've got the top 7 perfumes for you to fall in love with!

1 Dior J'adore

Dior J'adorePrice: $98.00 at
This is one of those Dior perfumes that I absolutely love! It has a combination floral and white rose smell. It's so light that it's ideal for the office and it totally won't overpower any other scent! Just one spritz will leave you smelling incredible all day!

2 Midnight Poison

Midnight PoisonPrice: $76.47 at
This is one of those Dior perfumes that are perfect for date night! It's thick, it's heavy and it is absolutely incredible! It's got a little bit of woodsiness to it and a lot of citrus undertones as well as a splash of patchouli. Also, the bottle alone is a reason to buy it! I love this awesome and spicy perfume!

3 Dune

DunePrice: $83.40 at
If you're looking for a perfume that has some water notes to it and that is super fresh, Dior Dune is it! This perfume is definitely one of the freshest I've ever smelt! It's god some water notes, some amber and a little pinch of wallflower. It smells so, so beautiful ladies, really! It's ideal for the office or the date night!

4 Dior Addict

Dior AddictPrice: $96.99 at
The office is not a place for heavy, heavy scents, it's the place for lighter notes and something that smells awesome. Ladies, this is one of the Dior perfumes that is ideal for the daytime hours! It's got mandarin, rose and vanilla notes and it smells so delicious!

5 Hypnotic Poison

Hypnotic PoisonPrice: $111.99 at
Dior has actually tagged the Poison variety and I gotta say, this is one of my favorites. It's ideal for the night time, for date night or for seducing the man of your dreams. It's woody, it's heavy and it smells just like sex. It's perfect to seduce that special man in your life!

6 Miss Dior Cherie

Miss Dior CheriePrice: $90.00 at
A perfume should define you and I think that this one, full of notes of strawberries, mandarin and musk is ideal for a strong woman looking for a strong man. This is the perfume that would be great on a date or even just hanging out with the man of your dreams!

7 Dolce Vita

Dolce VitaPrice: $129.90 at
If it isn't clear by now that I love any and all Dior perfumes, then I gotta say, this one is gonna give it away. Not only is the bottle super cool, but this perfume smells awesome too! It's perfect for anytime of the day and I know, the second that you smell this awesome perfume, you're gonna love it too!

There are tons of different perfumes out there aren't they? Well ladies, for me, Dior perfumes are it! These are just my top 7 Dior perfumes, but what about you ladies? What are some of your favs? Give 'em up!

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