7 Secret Tricks to Getting Your Fave Fragrance without Spending Tons of Cash ...


7 Secret Tricks to Getting Your Fave Fragrance without Spending Tons of Cash ...
7 Secret Tricks to Getting Your Fave Fragrance without Spending Tons of Cash ...

Whether you have one fragrance you absolutely love or fragrance is your weakness and you just can’t enough of them, you always want to get it at the best price. Fragrance is expensive, some more than others. These secret tricks can help you to get the fragrance you love without spending a fortune.

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Comparison Shop

photograph, clothing, lady, dress, beauty, Before you buy your favorite expensive fragrance, comparison shop. Before I purchase anything, I compare prices to make sure I’m getting the best deal. One store may be having a sale or having a bonus time where you could get extra products. Whatever you save is money you have to spend on something else you love. You can’t complain about that.


Use a Coupon Code

picture frame, art, design, brand, I buy most of my fragrances online because I can usually get the best deal that way. You can almost always beat the price of shopping in-store. You can save even more by using a coupon code. Sometimes they’re given to you directly on the site you’re shopping from and other times you have to dig a little more to find one. I’ve found many promo codes by simply googling the name of the store and “coupon code.”


Look for Testers

I’ve saved so much by buying tester bottles of fragrance. I just got my husband his favorite fragrance for 66% off by buying a tester. Tester bottles come in boxes that’re less decorated than retail packaging. But most of us just quickly trash the packaging anyways so it doesn’t really matter. Ebay usually has testers available for purchase.


Switch Formulas

lighting, scale model, There’re different formulas in most fragrances. The more concentrated the fragrance, the more expensive it is. True perfume is most expensive. Eau de toilette and body sprays are more reasonably priced but still have the same fragrance, just in a lighter form. I actually prefer lighter forms of most fragrances and you might, too.


Look for Gift Sets

clothing, outerwear, furniture, fur, textile, Gift sets of your favorite fragrance can give you a good bargain. Sometimes you can get a shower gel, lotion and fragrance for the price you would normally give for the fragrance alone. Getting some extras free is always a good thing. When you get a gift set, you can layer your fragrance which is another advantage. This allows you to stretch your fragrance further.


Shop after the Holidays

clothing, shopping, fashion, design, brand, Don’t you love post-holiday sales? Who can resist 75, 80 or 90 percent off? A lot of times fragrances are included in those markdowns because their packaging is decorated with holiday symbols. Stock up after the holidays and you can have enough fragrance to last you the whole year through. Don’t miss out on those huge savings.


Try a Mini Bottle

pink, red, heart, organ, petal, Occasionally you’ll find a fragrance that’s cheaper per ounce when you buy it in a miniature size. If you have to, figure it up to see which is a better buy. Mini bottles are also good when you’re trying a new fragrance or you’re feeling unsure about a fragrance. They allow you to try a new fragrance without committing to a huge bottle. This can actually save you money if you decide the fragrance isn’t for you, too.

These 7 secret tricks can help you save money on your favorite expensive perfume. What’s your current favorite perfume? Mine is Chloe.

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Roses de Chloe i LOVE, but Paris Hilton is my Fave.

Chloe is my favorite perfume 😍

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